Information and Care Instructions

General Information

All of my clay items are hand sculpted from polymer clay. Metallic items are made from black clay, and then enhanced with various shades of mica powder pressed into the clay after baking. Colored items are made from different colored clays, and then darkened after baking with acrylics to emphasize the three-dimensionality and to give the item an aged look. The clay is then finished with a clear acrylic sealant. Each item is unique, no molds are used. As a result, even pairs of items have subtle differences; each item has its own nuances, each leaf has its own character, and everything is covered in my fingerprints!

Care for Glasses

Generally, to clean the glasses, hand-wash the glass portion carefully. Glasses with roses: The leaves on these glasses often extend away from the glass. Please be careful not to snag the leaf tips, they can be delicate. Glasses with branches, oak leaves, or vines: When there are open spaces of glass between clay pieces, the clay is weaker. Be careful not to rub hard against the clay while cleaning. This may result in parts of the clay lifting away from the glass or breaking off completely. Glasses with only closed leaves: These are by far the most durable! Mostly care is needed around the tips and the clay itself should not be scrubbed. Finally, use good sense: some items are very sturdy, others are more delicate. Most of the time, this can be judged just by looking at your item.

Fragility and Breakage

Many of my items have delicate parts; though they also can be surprisingly resistant to damage as a whole (I have three cats, so things get toppled frequently!). However, items occasionally do get damaged. I either fix the item, sell it 'as is' (such flaws will be noted: they are often minor flaws, and the piece is still lovely), or choose not to sell the item (they end up as gifts to those who will love them, flaws and all).

Breakage: If an item has many leaves or pieces of clay that stick up away from the surface, they have the chance of breaking if handled roughly. If this happens, crazy glue is a wonderful invention! If it’s a larger problem, I may be able to fix the item or make a new one (depending on the availability of the glassware or other materials).

Selecting an Item: If possible breakage and minor flaws are a concern for you, choose an item with fewer delicate details. The less leaves that stick out, the less possibility of the tips getting damaged. Look carefully at an item before you choose it! This will ensure that you are happy with it. I truly wish for my items to be loved and enjoyed!